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Nobility Better Health is a leading, state-of-the-art, integrated healthcare service provider medical establishment not only aimed at providing a comprehensive mental and behavioral health medication management but putting together a comprehensive plan that serves the mind, physical needs, strength, and beauty of all patients.


Our Services

Psychiatric Mental Health & Medication Management

Expert psychiatric care to support mental health and improve overall well-being.

General Family Wellness

Comprehensive medical care for all ages, from routine checkups to chronic illness management.

Our Specialities

Enhance your natural beauty with safe, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures tailored to you.

Our Medical Providers

With psychiatric Nurse practitioners, and a family Nurse practitioner for preventative and primary care we ensure that only the best treatment is made available to all our patients, customized according to their specific needs all in one place.

Angela Allen

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Miller


Ronda Edgley

Nurse Practitioner – Certified

I absolutely love everyone here!! Because of Ms.Angela who is fabulously AMAZING I have finally started feeling human again and like myself which I haven't felt in 17 years. Mchale is WONDERFUL, she truly makes you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. Ms.Ronda was the first doctor to make me feel comfortable for a procedure I need and her compassion truly shined during my appointment with her. Thank you Nobility for changing my life!
Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah O'Donnell
I met Angela Allen recently but have been struggling lifelong. I wish I met her YEARS ago! She is fully intuitive and compassionate as well as experienced and by far the BEST psych meeting I've ever had. I felt heard, understood and cared for. She is calm, down to earth and empathetic to your needs. THANK YOU For being you ❤️
Deviny Bebout
Deviny Bebout
One of the most amazing experiences with a physiatrist I’ve ever had. Angela Allen is by far the best!

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